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BCG Vaccine - Immunisation and Travel Vaccination Update

BCG Vaccine now available at Melbourne Children’s Travel Clinic

BCG Vaccine for the Prevention of Tuberculosis (TB)

We are pleased to announce that we have restarted BCG vaccination in our child and family travel clinic. Although there is a worldwide shortage of BCG vaccine, we now have access to a new supply of BCG.

BCG vaccination can be given from birth up to the age of 5 years to protect against tuberculosis (TB).

It is recommended for babies, infants and young children travelling to countries where tuberculosis is common, including India, China, Vietnam and other countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

In addition to BCG vaccination, we can provide other travel vaccinations including typhoid, hepatitis A, rabies and yellow fever. Our comprehensive travel clinic also provides advice on prevention of malaria and other diseases transmitted by mosquitos such as dengue, Chikungunya and Zika virus.

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BCG Vaccine - Now Available at Melbourne Children's Travel Clinic