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Fussy Baby Clinic

For babies with crying, feeding, settling & sleeping problems

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists’ Fussy Baby Clinic

Our Fussy Baby Clinic provides a unique one-stop comprehensive service for families of babies and toddlers (0 to 2 years old) with crying, feeding, settling and sleeping problems.

Fussy Baby Clinic - crying, feeding, settling and sleeping problems

Fussy Baby Clinic

– assessment, management, counselling and education regarding all aspects of infant care and behaviour.

Our team’s philosophies are based around a warm, compassionate approach while incorporating the latest research evidence into our family-centred practice.

Our paediatricians and nurses have all practised through the Royal Children’s Hospital or the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, and most also have first hand experience as mothers.

Each family will see a paediatrician and a clinical nurse consultant for a combined medical assessment of the child’s crying, feeding, settling or sleeping problems.

A comprehensive and individualised management plan will be provided.

Fussy Baby Clinic - Settled BabiesIf required, each family will also be offered in-home support by a clinical nurse consultant with extensive experience in infant and toddler sleep strategies, settling techniques and behavioural support.

Infant crying, settling and sleeping

  • including in-home support for baby settling and baby sleeping strategies

Infant feeding

  • establishment and maintenance of breastfeeding
  • bottle feeding

Fussy feeding

  • introduction of solids
  • weaning (including nasogastric tube weaning)
  • poor weight gain

Prolonged difficulty with infants

  • distressed infants
  • separation difficulties
  • parenting confidence and transition to parenthood

A GP referral is required to see the paediatrician.
Some families may only need to see a clinical nurse consultant; in such cases, a GP referral is not required.

Melbourne Children's Fussy Baby Clinic

The clinic is run by experienced paediatricians and clinical nurse consultants with special expertise and interest in infant crying, feeding, settling and sleeping issues.

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