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Fussy Feeding

Food refusal in babies, toddlers eating behaviours and tube weaning

Fussy Feeding in Babies and Toddlers

Assistance and support for parents for fussy feeders, food refusal, toddlers eating behaviours and tube weaning in infants.

Fussy Feeding in Babies and Infants
Feeding Behaviour in Infants and Toddlers
Fussy Babies - Weaning from Tube Feeding in Infants

Fussy and Difficult Feeding in Infants

It can be hard to understand why your baby stops feeding. Many things may be the trigger – illness, discomfort from the feed, (vomiting, pain, allergy) choking, and your anxiety this behaviour creates.

But whatever started it, it is important to stop any force feeding, persistent feeding, (over 45 minutes) or constantly offering the feed.

Eating Behaviour in Toddlers

The first thing you come to learn about your toddler is that YOU NEVER WIN A BATTLE WITH A TODDLER .

Toddlers’ main developmental goal is their strive for independence, so food battles become the best arena to demonstrate their power and control.

While this phase is something parents usually survive, other factors can mean that the food intake and fussiness gets extreme and food range becomes limited.

Tube Weaning

Sometimes once the need for the tube is past we may find the baby has become dependent on the tube, and is uninterested in oral or self feeding. In consultation with your paediatrician assistance is available to help with a weaning plan to oral drinking and self feeding.