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Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Diagnosis & management of infectious diseases and immunisation advice

What is Infectious Diseases?

Infectious Diseases specialists provide consultation and advice on a broad range of problems including:

  • Common and rare infectious diseases in children
  • Recurrent fevers and infections
  • Unusual infections
  • Infections that do not respond to treatment
  • Skin infections
  • Gastrointestinal infections, including hepatitis
  • Tuberculosis, tropical and parasitic infections

  • Fungal and viral infections
  • Antibiotic advice
  • Infections in immunocompromised children
  • Congenital and perinatal infections
  • Prevention of infectious diseases


Infectious Disease specialists also advise children and their families on immunisations.

These may include:

  • ‘Catch up’ immunisations
  • Specialist advice on immunisation reactions
  • Immunisation advice for children at special risk
  • Travel vaccinations 

BCG Vaccinations

PLEASE NOTE: Melbourne Paediatric Specialist is currently NOT providing BCG vaccinations for children.

Professor Nigel Curtis and Dr Amanda Gwee are specialists in Infectious Diseases practicing at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists.

Professor Nigel Curtis

Prof Nigel Curtis

In General Paediatrician / Infectious Disease Physician / Travel Medicine Specialist
Dr Amanda Gwee - General Paediatrician, Infectious Disease Physician and Travel Medicine Specialist

Dr Amanda Gwee

In Clinical Pharmacologist / Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician / General Paediatrician / Infectious Disease Physician / Travel Medicine Specialist