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Ms Ursula Sevil

Paediatric Speech Pathologist

Ursula Sevil

MSp (Masters of Speech Pathology Studies)
Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia

Paediatric Speech Pathologist
– Feeding, swallowing and early communication

Paediatric Speech Pathologist Ursla Sevil is a member of our Allied Health team. She consults privately at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists and welcomes new patients and referrals.


Paediatric feeding and swallowing difficulties. Introduction of solids and progression with textures. Feeding refusal and oral aversion. Transition from tube to oral feeding.

Early communication difficulties including delayed speech & language, and introduction of key word signing.


Ursula Sevil has worked in hospitals in Queensland, the UK, and has spent the last 8 years at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Ursula has provided assessment and intervention to children and babies with various feeding difficulties, including children with feeding tubes. She has also seen babies and children with many differing medical conditions including cardiac conditions, respiratory illnesses and tracheostomy, cerebral palsy, gastro oesophageal reflux disease, cleft lip and palate, and neurological and neuromuscular conditions.


Ursula enjoys working with children and their families to support and improve a child’s difficulties. She also likes to collaborate with paediatricians/medical professionals, maternal nurses, and allied health clinicians so that those involved are aware of relevant feeding and/or communication goals.

Ursula provides practical strategies and recommendations so that therapy goals are achievable. She encourages family members to be involved in the treatment and care as this is ensures the best outcomes for a child.

Hospitals Accredited

– The Royal Children’s Hospital

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Ursula Sevil:

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[Updated: 27 April 2022]

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