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Repeat Prescriptions, Results, Medical Reports, Follow-Up Appointments &/or Billing Queries
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For Existing Patients Treated by our Paediatric Specialists.

Current Patients.

If your child is a current patient of Melbourne Paediatric Specialists and is being treated by one of our Paediatricians or Paediatric Sub-Specialists, use the Online Form below to contact our Practice Team and/or the Paediatric Specialist if required to have your question answered.
OR …you might find the answer in our frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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  • Requesting a Medical Report / Medical Information
  • Repeat Prescription for current medications
  • Medical Results – Eg Imaging &/or Pathology
  • Follow-Up Appointments – Eg Booking Follow-Up/Review Appointment, Cancellations &/or Rescheduling
  • Billing (Payment &/or Fees)
  • Other…