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Assoc. Prof Adam Scheinberg

Paediatric Rehabilitation
Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

A/Prof Adam Scheinberg


Paediatric Rehabilitation

Clinical Interests

A/Prof Adam Scheinberg’s clinical interests include all paediatric and young adult rehabilitation including cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and concussion, reconditioning after illness or injury, chronic fatigue syndrome. He is accredited in administering Botulinum toxin injections and Intrathecal Baclofen infusion, and is experienced in muscle tone assessment for a range of interventions including selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Background and experience

Adam is a paediatric rehabilitation specialist, statewide medical director of the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service and Head of Department for Paediatric Rehabilitation at the Royal Children’s Hospital. He consults regularly at VPRS sites in Victoria and Tasmania.

Adam trained in Sydney at the Children’s Hospital Westmead before moving to Victoria at the start of 2009. Adam has over 15 years of experience in paediatric and young adult rehabilitation.

Research Interests

Adam is an active clinical researcher. He is an Associate Investigator on 2 NHMRC Centre’s of Excellence for Brain Injury (Sydney) and Cerebral Palsy (Melbourne). He is a chief investigator on the Mason Foundation Grant for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He is also involved in Spinal Cord Injury research and supervises medical students and Masters students.

Publications →

(Past 5 years only)

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Hospitals Accredited

  • Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.
  • Ballarat Health Services
  • Bendigo Health
  • Eastern Health
  • Barwon Health

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