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New Patient Appointment

New Referrals to see our Paediatricians & Paediatric Sub-Specialists

Follow these steps to request a new appointment:

For New Referrals & New Patients
– Paediatricians & Paediatric Sub-Specialists

*NOTE: Unfortunately several of our Paediatricians and Paediatric Sub-Specialists are currently FULLY BOOKED and NOT taking new patients at this time.

Prior to completing this form requesting a New Patient Appointment, please check the individual practitioner’s profile page to find out what their current appointment availability is for New Patient Appointments. You can also request their Fee schedule and approximate waiting time for new patient appointments when available.

We no longer accept new referrals or replacement referrals via direct email.

ALL NEW REFERRALS will only be accepted and processed for patients via this form below.

Please be aware that any referrals sent via direct email will not be processed.

Do you have a referral letter?

You MUST have a copy of your child's referral letter BEFORE you can request an appointment with one of our specialists.

Take a photo or scan of your Referral

Use you smart phone's camera and capture an image or PDF copy of your referral letter. You may need to make a copy of more than one page to upload to our form.

Enter Your Child's Details & Select Specialist's Name

Complete all required fields in the form below. Select the individual Specialist's name (ie Medical Doctor) or type of specialist (Eg: General Paediatrician) you need to make an appointment with.

Upload your Referral & Submit Form

Attach the file(s) showing the copy of the full referral letter for your child and then submit the form. Your new referral and request for an appointment will then be reviewed by staff at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists.

No Appointments Available - Developmental & Behavioural Paediatricians are fully booked and not taking new patients.
Our Paediatric Endocrinologists are all fully booked. Not accepting new patients or new referrals.

New Referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need additional help:

  • Please view our full list of Patient FAQ’s including the section on “Making an Appointment”
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Do I need a referral to see a medical doctor at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists?

You must have a valid referral from your GP or other doctor/medical specialist to see one of our paediatricians or paediatric sub-specialists at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists.

Referrals from your GP are generally valid for 12 months. Referrals from other doctors (other specialists) are valid for 3 months.

You will also need a referral letter from your GP to be eligible for a Medicare rebate which should cover at least part of the cost of your appointment.

You can get more information about referrals from the Victorian Government website:

What if I don't have a copy of my child's new referral letter? Can I still request an appointment?

You MUST have a copy of your child’s referral that you can upload via our online form.

A Referral Letter is required to enable you to complete our online new patient form and request an appointment with one of our Paediatric Specialists.

If you do not have a referral as yet, please speak to your child’s GP or other medical doctor about getting a referral letter written to one of our paediatric specialists.

Can I use this Online Form to make a Follow-up Appointment?

This form is only for new referrals and new patients to Melbourne Paediatric Specialists.

To request a Follow-Up Appointment, Reschedule or Cancel your next appointment please use our Existing Patient Enquiries Form

Existing Patient Enquiries Form →

Can I call the clinic instead to arrange a new appointment for my child?

In order to request a new or first appointment with one of our doctors, Melbourne Paediatric Specialists requires you to complete the initial details and request for an appointment online including uploading your referral. This will enable our staff to review your referral and assign an appropriate appointment for you and your child.

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What happens after I submit the form with my child's details and copy of referral letter?

After you submit this form, the staff at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists will review your referral and request for an appointment for your child. This will occur during business hours.

Once your details and referral have been confirmed, and an appointment time is able to be allocated, you will then receive a SMS text message from the practice that includes a link to our Online Patient Portal where you can continue to complete a full patient registration for your child.

NOTE: Melbourne Paediatric Specialists is currently receiving a high volume of requests for New Patient Appointments so please be patient as our admin team work through these new patient referrals.

I have a referral to see a Paediatrician but I am not sure who my child should see?

It is important for you to make an appointment with the right doctor for your child. The best advice is to check our individual doctor profiles before making an appointment. Each of the doctors at our clinic have different areas of expertise.

You should also ask the GP or medical doctor who provided the new referral, if they can recommend someone.

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When I choose the doctor's name in the menu, the form does not allow me to proceed or upload my referral?

Unfortunately many of our paediatricians are currently fully booked which means that they are unable to see new patients. If this is the case, you will be unable to complete a new patient request for an appointment and you will not be able to upload your referral.

I can't see the name of the doctor I have a referral for?

If you can not find the name of the paediatrician or specialist in the drop-down list of doctor’s names; this means that doctor does not practice at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists.

OR you might instead have a referral for one of our allied health practitioners. You will need to use the separate Allied Health Online New Patient Form.

New Patients | Allied Health →
We are on the Move: From 20 November 2023, MPS will be on LEVEL 3, Suite 3.7


New Appointments can be made with many of our Paediatricians and Paediatric Sub-specialists at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists. If your GP has not provided an individual specialist's name but provided a general referral, ie to a 'Paediatrician' you can choose the doctor you want to make the appointment for from the list of specialists who practice at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists. Please note that at this time, ALL of our Developmental & Behavioural Paediatricians ARE FULLY BOOKED.

Paediatricians & Paediatric Sub-Specialists