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Paediatric Nephrology

Conditions involving the kidneys and urinary tract

What is a Paediatric Nephrologist?

Paediatric Nephrology - conditions involving the kidneys and urinary tract.Paediatric nephrologists diagnose and treat children with problems involving the kidneys, ureters and bladder.
They have training in paediatrics as well as nephrology, and care for children from birth through to late adolescence.

The main role of the kidneys is to filter the blood to remove toxins (which accumulate through normal bodily processes), and keep the electrolytes, water and acid levels in balance. The end result is the production of urine, which is drained and emptied through the ureters and bladder. The kidneys also produce hormones that help to control the blood pressure, maintain production of red blood cells and assist with bone growth and strength.

Medical problems involving the kidneys can present with high blood pressure, blood or protein in the urine, puffiness in the ankles and face, or kidney stone formation, as well as more general symptoms including fatigue, slow growth, reduced appetite and nausea. Dysfunction of the urinary tract (bladder and ureters) can lead to day and/or night wetting, and bladder and kidney infections.


  • Recurrent urinary tract infection
  • Hypertension in children and adolescents
  • Day and night-time wetting problems
  • Investigation and management of blood or protein in the urine, impaired kidney function and electrolyte disturbances

  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Medical assessment and secondary prevention of kidney stones
  • Hydronephrosis, vesicoureteric reflux and other congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract
  • Chronic kidney impairment


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Dr David Metz and Dr Tom Forbes are Paediatric Nephrologists consulting at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists.