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Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes

General Paediatrician, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician
Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes, Consultant Paediatrician Specialising in General, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrics

Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes


General Paediatrician, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician


Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes is fully booked and unable to see New Patients. Her wait list is currently full.

Clinical Interests

Autism, ADHD, Chronic illness, Congenital Cardiac Disease

Background and Experience

Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes is an experienced General and Developmental Paediatrician.

In her practice, Shaamini focuses on child health, development, learning and family functioning. She believes that the paediatrician’s role is to help parents, families and educators to create a nurturing environment focused on maximising the developmental potential and emotional well-being of the child.

Shaamini has extensive experience in the management of a wide range of medical, developmental and behavioural problems in children and young people from 0-18 years of age.

Shaamini has special interests in assessment, long-term management and coordination of care of:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Mood difficulties including anxiety and depression
  • Irritable infants
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Children with complex multidisciplinary problems eg ex premature babies, babies with congenital heart disease, children with syndromes.

Shaamini enjoys working closely with the team of therapists and educators involved with a child and family. She works in conjunction with speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, teachers and special education staff at schools. She regularly attends kindergarten, childcare and school observation visits and multidisciplinary case conferences.

Shaamini studied medicine at the University of Adelaide and started Paediatric specialty training in Adelaide. She moved to Melbourne in 2002 and completed her specialist training in Melbourne at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Shaamini is a member of the Neurobehavioural and Paediatric Society of Australasia (NBPSA). She regularly attends conferences including the NBPSA conference 2013 and 2014, Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2013 and the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2014.

Hospitals Accredited

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital

Private & Public Practice

As well as working in private practice as part of the Melbourne Paediatric Specialist Group at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Shaamini also consults privately at Victorian Children’s Clinic, Malvern.  Shaamini works at the Department of General Medicine, Royal Children’s Hospital.


Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes

Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes is also a Developmental and Autism Assessment Team Leader.

Developmental & Autism Assessment Team

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Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes:

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[Updated: January 2024]


Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes is currently FULLY BOOKED. Unfortunately she is unable to accept new referrals or make appointments for new patients at this time.
Note: Wait list is currently full.