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Dr Katie Moore

Paediatrician & Family Therapist
Dr Katie Moore

Dr Katie Moore


Paediatric Oncologist
Paediatrician & Family Therapist


Paediatrician and Family Therapist, Dr Katie Moore is fully booked and currently unable to make appointments with New Patients. Her wait list is currently full.


Dr Katie Moore is a paediatrician and family therapist.

  • Katie has expertise in the mental health of families affected by a child’s illness or disability.

Katie is originally a specialist in the treatment of childhood cancer and blood disorders. Over many years working in this field, she witnessed the psychological impact of serious childhood illness on patients and their families. She developed a particular interest in the mental health of affected children, parents and siblings. This led her to undertake further training as a family therapist, with the aim of providing the best possible support to relationships and mental health for all families with an unwell child.

At Melbourne Paediatric Specialists, Katie provides psychotherapy for children, parents and extended family members. Although her journey began in oncology, she now sees patients with a broad array of paediatric health problems.


Katie studied medicine in the UK and trained in paediatrics at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals in London. She later relocated to Melbourne where she undertook dual fellowships in paediatric oncology and clinical bioethics. She has paediatric qualifications from both the UK and Australia, including Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK) , and Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. In addition she holds two Master’s degrees, in Bioethics and Clinical Family Therapy.

Katie has worked in numerous paediatric hospitals in London as well as the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. She continues to practice at Monash Children’s Hospital, where she specialises in long-term follow up for childhood cancer survivors.

Katie also trained extensively with the mental health unit of the RCH Children’s Cancer Centre. She has experience dealing with childhood anxiety, depression, procedural distress and pain management. She has also worked with many parents affected by their child’s illness or disability.


As a paediatrician Katie has a deep knowledge of children’s medical and developmental needs and as a therapist she appreciates the profound impact of childhood illness on mental health and family dynamics. As the mother of four school-aged children herself, Katie provides a compassionate approach to the concerns of parents and is dedicated to the practice of family-centred care.

Understanding that childhood illness affects body, mind and relationships, her approach aims to support the whole family to thrive.

Hospitals Accredited

– Monash Children’s Hospital
– Royal Children’s Hospital (Honorary position)

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Dr Katie Moore:

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[Updated: 25 January 2024]


Dr Katie Moore is currently FULLY BOOKED. Unfortunately she is unable to accept new referrals or make appointments for new patients at this time. Note: Wait list is currently full.