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Family Wellbeing & Mental Health

Specialised psychotherapy to support the whole family

Family wellbeing and mental health

At Melbourne Paediatric Specialists we understand that caring for a child with illness or disability can impact the mental health and relationships of all family members.

Our Family Wellbeing and Mental Health Service provides specialised psychotherapy to support the whole family. We provide a warm and confidential environment to help families thrive even during times of adversity.

We provide therapeutic support to individuals, couples or entire family groups. We take a flexible approach, catering to each family’s particular needs, and welcome patients, siblings, parents or extended family members, depending on the circumstances. We work closely with schools and our wide network of allied health professionals.

Common conditions managed in our Family Wellbeing and Mental Health Service

  • Psychological adjustment to diagnosis and treatment
  • Procedural distress and anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Sibling counselling
  • Grief and loss counselling
  • Psychological preparation for major procedures (eg surgery or bone marrow transplant)

Our family wellbeing service is led by Dr Katie Moore. Katie is a paediatrician with over 25 years of experience working in the UK and Australia. She also holds a Masters degree in Clinical Family Therapy.

Family therapists are mental health clinicians who focus on family communication and relationships. Katie’ paediatric expertise gives her a strong insight into the unique experiences of patients with childhood illness and disability. She combines her medical knowledge with therapeutic skills of curiosity, honesty and compassion, to help families cope and support one other through difficult times.

Dr Katie Moore. consults privately at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists and new appointments for our Family Wellbeing and Mental Health Service are welcome.

Dr Katie Moore, Paediatrician & Family Therapist

Dr Katie Moore

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