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MPS COVID-19 Clinic Update

MPS Clinic Update - COVID-19

MPS COVID-19 Clinic Update


  • Melbourne Paediatric Specialists is dedicated to the safe care of our patients.
  • Melbourne Paediatric Specialists is currently providing Telehealth consultations for new and existing patients. However, Face-to-face appointments at the clinic may be available for patients when clinically indicated.


  • All staff at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists (practice admin team and practitioners) are fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • For the safety of all working at and attending Melbourne Paediatric Specialists, we encourage all our patients and their families to get vaccinated as soon as they’re able.
  • If you are unable to get vaccinated, please discuss telehealth options with our reception staff.
  • We ask that any patients with approved face-to-face appointments, wear a mask and check in via the QR code before entering the clinic. If you are unable to wear a mask, please notify our reception staff and discuss Telehealth options.

COVID 19 Vaccination-social-covid-19-vaccination is approved for everyone 12 years and over

MPS Clinic Update: COVID – 19 RESPONSE

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists will continue to provide services during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists’ clinicians are dedicated to providing care for our new and returning patients. We will continue to provide consultations during the pandemic. The current situation allows us to continue consulting in the clinical space. If the situation changes we will have the ability to switch to an online based clinic, offering telehealth and telemedicine consults. We are dedicated to staying open and providing care to our patients through this pandemic.

Patients who are unwell or who have recently returned from overseas should not attend the clinic. Please contact us to schedule a video or phone consult or reschedule to another time

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists is dedicated to the safe care of our patients

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists works within the Royal Children’s Hospital campus.  We work closely with the hospital and health authorities to ensure we are in the best position to minimise the spread of infection should a team member present with symptoms or be diagnosed with COVID-19.

This includes:

–          Mandatory staff training on COVID-19

–          Clinic posters outlining the steps to take should a patient, or employee present as unwell

–          A 24/7 COVID-19 response team.

Staff who are unwell will not be entering the clinical space, to limit the risk of transmission of infectious illnesses.

The clinics are still running with enhanced screening and hand hygiene

Staff and clinicians at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists practice rigorous hand hygiene and regular thorough cleaning of surfaces. Potentials sources of transmission of illness, such as toys, have been removed from the waiting room and clinical rooms.

The entry foyer, waiting room and desk area have clinic posters advising about safe practice.

If you have any concerns about the safety or yourself and your children please contact the reception staff

For patients who are in quarantine or who are at risk, or who do not want to come to the clinic, video and phone consults are available

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists understand that families with children with chronic medical conditions may choose to avoid the hospital precinct. If you have been exposed to coronavirus or in quarantine you will be required to stay away from the clinic. As we are dedicated to the health care of you children we will continue to consult with you and your child via telehealth or telephone. Please discuss the options with the reception staff when you make a booking.

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