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Australian Family Physician, December 2015 - Finetuning behaviour management in young children, Dr Rick Jarman

Finetuning behaviour management in young children – Dr Rick Jarman

Problems that Worry Parents: Finetuning behaviour management in young children. Paediatrician Dr Rick Jarman, aims to provide general practitioners with a template for behaviour management work with parents of young children. Australian Family Physician, December 2015, Guide for GPs.

General Paediatricians at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists

Spotlight On: Our General Paediatricians

Meet four of our highly experienced General Paediatric, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatricians who have commenced private consulting at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists in February 2015. Dr Valerie Sung, Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes, A/Prof Michael Marks and Dr Rick Jarman. These paediatricians also have senior staff appointments at the Royal Children’s Hospital