Melbourne Paediatric Specialists

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Dr Stefanie Louey

Dr Stefanie Louey, Respiratory Paediatrician. Stef sees children from newborn to adolescence with general paediatric and respiratory problems: neonatal lung disease, recurrent chest infections, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and cystic fibrosis

Associate Professor Adam Scheinberg - Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Assoc. Prof Adam Scheinberg

A/Prof Adam Scheinberg - Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine: clinical interests include all paediatric and young adult rehabilitation including cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and concussion, reconditioning after illness or injury, chronic fatigue syndrome. He is accredited in administering Botulinum toxin injections and Intrathecal

Mr Randal Leung, Paediatric ENT Surgeon

Mr Randal Leung

Mr Randal Leung - Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon with sub-speciality training and experience in in otology, skullbase surgery, paediatric ENT and rhinology. Melbourne Paediatric Specialists at the Children's, Parkville

Dr Peter Simm, Paediatric Endocrinologist

Dr Peter Simm

Dr Peter Simm - Paediatric Endocrinologist, interests in Type 1 Diabetes, bone health, growth disorders, thyroid dysfunction, delayed maturity, Melbourne Paediatric Specialists, Parkville

Prof Sonia Grover

Professor Sonia Grover - Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology, General Gynaecologist & Pain Medicine Specialist: Young women's reproductive health, including general gynaecology, Melbourne Paediatric Specialists, Parkville

Paediatric Specialist

Dr Danielle Longmore

Dr Danielle Longmore , Paediatric Endocrinologist, clinical interests include growth, adrenal and puberty issues, Melbourne Paediatric Specialists at the Children's, RCH, Parkville

Dr Monika Tasani

Dr Monika Tasani, General Paediatrician with a specialist interest in Paediatric Dermatology (children's skin disorders), Melbourne Paediatric Specialists at the Children's

Professor John Massie - Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Specialist

Prof John Massie

Prof John Massie, Respiratory Paediatrician for children from infancy to adolescence with airway and breathing problems, asthma, cystic fibrosis, cough

Dr David Metz, Paediatric Nephrologist

Dr David Metz

Dr David Metz - Paediatric Nephrologist & Paediatric Clinical Pharmacologist, Melbourne Paediatric Specialists. Clinical interests include diseases and conditions of the urinary tract and kidneys, hypertension in childhood & adolescence, Lower urinary tract dysfunction (day and/or night wetting), constipation, chronic kidney disease, recurrent UTI, Nephrotic

Assoc. Professor Chris Barnes

A/Prof Chris Barnes, Paediatric Haematologist. Diagnosis & management of non–malignant haematological conditions - thrombosis & bleeding disorders, Melbourne