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The Art of Parenting: Communication - The School of Life

“The Art of Parenting: Communication” – The School of Life Special Event, July 11 2015

The School of Life
“The Art of Parenting: Communication”

A workshop to help you reflect on and improve your approach to interacting with children.

Special Event
Melbourne: SATURDAY July 11 2015

Course Leader: Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes

Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes, a General and Developmental Paediatrician at Melbourne Paediatric Specialists will be presenting a special workshop on “The Art of Parenting: Communication” at The School for Life as a Special Event during their Winter Term Program of Classroom sessions.

The Art of Parenting: Communication

Program Overview

“Contemporary society sees an increasing emphasis on the need to develop the whole self – physical, emotional and intellectual. Today’s parents are expected to act as the child’s carer, mentor, playfellow, and advocate. In bringing up their children and engaging in their day-to-day activities, parents and carers are expected to know the answers to challenging questions, such as: How do I best fulfil a child’s needs? How do I ascertain what they are feeling? How do I enter their emotional world?

“In this workshop we will explore historical beliefs about the upbringing of children. We will review developmental theories in paediatrics and psychology, current theory on infant communication and communicating with adolescents and take a look at what contemporary culture can teach us about talking to kids. If you are planning to be a parent, are a parent, carer or someone working with children, this workshop is designed to help you reflect on and improve your approach to interacting with children, increase your communication competency and to cultivate an approach that will help you to deeply enjoy childrens’ sense of play, impulsivity and optimism.”

The School of Life, MelbourneSATURDAY July 11 2015, 13.30 – 16.45

The School of Life
669 Bourke St

TICKETS and BOOKINGS Available online via The School of Life Website:

  • Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes

    Dr Shaamini Lokuge-Hayes

    General Paediatrician, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician

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