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Infant Feeding: Is your baby getting enough iron?
Infant Feeding - Dietary recommendation and paediatric iron

Is your baby getting enough iron?

When to introduce solids and what solids are good for your baby? Is your baby getting enough iron?

A recent article published In the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health from the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute describes a large survey of mothers of newborns and how they introduce solids for their baby.

The survey shows only a quarter of infants had consumed meat by six months of age despite current recommendations suggesting that iron rich containing foods be included in the first foods introduced to babies.

This is an important issue because iron is vital for neurocognitive development.

Understanding what foods to introduce to your baby can be difficult. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has developed comprehensive guidelines that provides best practice advice for infant feeding.

If you are confused about what foods might be best for your baby, a discussion with a paediatrician or infant nurse with expertise in this area can be helpful.

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists offers a “Fussy Baby Clinic” which may assist families of babies and toddlers with infant feeding problems and concerns.


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Dr Chris Barnes, Paediatric Haematologist