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MPS Clinic Update - COVID-19

MPS Response – Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Melbourne Paediatric Specialists will continue to provide services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Melbourne Paediatric Specialists is dedicated to the safe care of our patients. The clinics are still running with enhanced screening and hand hygiene. For patients who are in quarantine or who are at

GP EDUCATION EVENT: One Day Workshop Series for GP’s – 12 August 2017

Paediatrics in Practice for the Busy GP One Day Workshop Series for General Practitioners. Saturday 12 August 2017 Melbourne Paediatric Specialists are pleased to invite all General Practitioners to our annual education event - Paediatrics in Practice for the Busy GP. This full day educational

2016 Flu Vaccinations - Get the Flu Shot before the Flu Gets You

Fight the Flu – 2017 Seasonal Flu Vaccination Available

Get the Flu Shot Before the Flu Gets You As we approach the flu season in Australia, protect yourself and your loved ones from this serious illness by getting the influenza vaccine. Immunisation is recommended in early autumn to allow time for immunity to be strengthened before the flu season starts. Influenza (flu) is a

Dr Monika Hasnat - Botox Service Launched at Shepparton for young cerebral palsy patients

Botox Service Launched in Regional Victoria to Help Treat Cerebral Palsy

Children living with cerebral palsy, in the Hume Region, will benefit from access to a treatment, now offered at Goulburn Valley Health Service, Shepparton. Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist Dr Monika Hasnat has recently set up a botulinum toxin injection service available at Shepparton for young patients

Measles Outbreak in Melbourne, Victoria - Health Alert

Measles Outbreak in Victoria – Update

Cases of measles are continuing to be diagnosed in individuals living in Melbourne. 21 confirmed cases of measles have been diagnosed in individuals living in the Brunswick and surrounding areas of Melbourne during February and March 2016. Measles is a very contagious viral illness that

World Kidney Day - March 10 2016 - Kidney Disease & Children

World Kidney Day – Thursday 10 March 2016.

World Kidney Day - Thursday 10 March 2016 - Kidney Disease and Children: Better Knowledge, Better Care. Resources to educate young people about what kidneys do and how to reduce their risk of developing kidney disease by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Australian Family Physician, December 2015 - Finetuning behaviour management in young children, Dr Rick Jarman

Finetuning behaviour management in young children – Dr Rick Jarman

Problems that Worry Parents: Finetuning behaviour management in young children. Paediatrician Dr Rick Jarman, aims to provide general practitioners with a template for behaviour management work with parents of young children. Australian Family Physician, December 2015, Guide for GPs.

Zika Virus - Travel Medicine Update - Melbourne Childrens Travel Clinic

Zika Virus – Travel Medicine Update

Zika Virus - Travel Medicine Update. There are outbreaks of the Zika virus occurring in the Americas (particularly South America), Pacific Islands (Samoa), Africa (Cape Verde) and South East Asia (cases of Zika have been detected in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, East Malaysia and Thailand). In

Helping kids break bad habits; Tips and Strategies

Helping kids break bad habits

Positive Parenting Strategies - Habit breaking help for kids who can't quit. Do your kids drive you crazy with frustrating habits like thumb sucking, hair pulling, nail biting or nose picking? Lots of children have habits, especially during the kindergarten years and usually involving touching

9th Edition of the RCH Paediatric Handbook

Editors of the recently released and latest edition of the best selling manual The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Paediatric Handbook 9th Edition include Melbourne Paediatric Specialists' Paediatricians Amanda Gwee and Michael Marks.

Autism Resources: Positive Partnerships Supporting School Age Students on the Autism Spectrum

Autism Resources – Positive Partnerships

Supporting School Age Students on the Autism Spectrum. Resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities These resources have been developed for families of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, and those that are supporting them. There are a range of resources that have been translated into 6 languages to

New Smoking Bans - April 13 2015 - Please Don't Smoke Here

New Outdoor Smoking Bans to Start at Hospitals and Schools

From 13 April 2015, under the Tobacco Act 1987 smoking is prohibited within four metres of an entrance to all Victorian children’s indoor play centres, public hospitals, registered community health centres and certain Victorian Government buildings. We Care About Your Health - Please Don't Smoke Here From

RCH - Kids Health App

RCH launches Kids Health Information App

The Royal Children's Hospital has created an excellent kids health resource for parents that can be accessed on their mobile or hand-held device. The Kids Health Info mobile app is dedicated to providing quality, up-to-date paediatric health information. The fact sheets have been developed for parents and young

Probiotic interventions in infantile colic - Review: Valerie Sung

Review: Probiotic interventions in infantile colic

Latest Publication: Probiotic interventions in infantile colic in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, Dr Valerie Sung, May 2015 Purpose of review Up until 2014, the use of probiotics in infantile colic has shown promise. However, the past year has seen the publication of controversial results

Growth Issues in Children - Should I be worried about my child?

Growth Issues – Should I be worried about my child?

Growth is one of the most fundamental tasks of childhood development. It can therefore be a source of much anxiety and concern to both the child and their parents if it doesn’t seem to be occurring as expected. Is my child a ‘Late Bloomer’? For the vast

Infant Feeding - Dietary recommendation and paediatric iron

Is your baby getting enough iron?

When to introduce solids and what solids are good for your baby? Is your baby getting enough iron? A recent article published In the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health from the Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute describes a large survey of mothers of newborns and